Wallaroo’s Cool Dream Hybrid Mattress



Introducing Wallaroo’s Cool 3.0 – THE DREAM Hybrid Mattress: Experience Unmatched Comfort and Temperature Regulation! Indulge in the ultimate dream sleep with Wallaroo’s Cool Dream hybrid mattress. Our ICE-Knit cover not only provides a color-changing effect but also showcases our unrivaled temperature-regulating technology. Say goodbye to restless nights and sleep hot no more!

Discover the extraordinary features that make The Dream mattress a game-changer:

  • Nature Meets Technology: Experience the purest sleep with layers of natural talalay latex sourced from rubber trees. Rest easy knowing your sleep is harm-free and in harmony with nature.
  • Weight Transfer Mastery: Picture this: a woman peacefully resting on a queen-sized bed while a giant dog playfully jumps up without disturbing her. Our mattress’s weight transfer capability ensures minimal disruption, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.
  • Motion Neutralizing: Bid farewell to sleep disturbances caused by restless partners. Our mattress’s edge-to-edge foam encased spring support core and breathable top layers work in unison to isolate motion and provide a tranquil sleep environment.
  • Breathable and Temperature Regulating: The Dream hybrid mattress’s breathable top layers keep you cool throughout the night, while the durable talalay latex layers regulate your body temperature. No more tossing and turning due to discomfort!
  • Long-Lasting Sleep Climate: Our top three layers work harmoniously to create a sleep climate that lasts. Enjoy undisturbed sleep as the mattress halts movement, ensuring a peaceful night for you and your loved ones.
  • Made in the USA: Rest assured knowing that The Dream mattress is proudly crafted in the USA, adhering to the highest quality standards.
    Compatible with Your Favorite Sheets: The 13.5-inch mattress is designed to fit seamlessly with your favorite sheets, ensuring a perfect match for your bedding ensemble.

Don’t just dream of the perfect sleep, make it a reality with Wallaroo’s Cool 3.0 – THE DREAM hybrid mattress. Experience the unrivaled comfort, temperature regulation, and sleep technology that will revolutionize your nights. Invest in your sleep sanctuary today! Follow us on Instagram to stay in the know!

This is a pre-sale product! Order today and expect delivery within 5 weeks. Pre-Sale ends Labor Day 2023.


Dream Mattress Dimensions:

  • The Wallaroo’s Cool Dream hybrid mattress is available in Queen, Splithead Queen King, Splithead King

Pick-up, delivery & shipping options, and policies:

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Additional information

Bed Size

King, Queen, California King, Full, Splithead King, Splithead Queen, Twin, Twin XL


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