About Home Court

Annie Hawkins and Brittany Baker are a team of two taking on all things renovation, home design, and styling. You can see them in action on their show "The Home Team" on the Magnolia Network. They've partnered with Wallaroo's to offer in-home styling and design services for YOU!

Fill out our form to get this party started!

Fill out our form to get this party started!

Tell Brittany and Annie a bit of information about what you're looking for so they can help you get started.

Wallaroo's | Home Court Partnership

Wallaroo's is stoked to have partnered with Brittany and Annie to bring you this service. In-home styling and design work is something we've been wanting to integrate into our business for some time now. It's a service that many of our cliental are looking for and being able to partner with Brittany and Annie is a dream.

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