Rosey Side Table


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Introducing the Rosey Side Table, a celebration of celebrity chic and luxurious style. This remarkable Accent Table embodies sleekness and glamour, combining a faux white marble surface with a shimmering gold base to create a lavish look that will elevate any room. Its stunning C-silhouette makes it the perfect companion beside a favorite armchair or sofa.

The Rosey Side Table exudes an air of opulence and sophistication. The faux white marble surface adds a touch of elegance and grandeur, mimicking the beauty of natural marble without the cost and maintenance. The shimmering gold base complements the marble top, creating a striking contrast that catches the eye and adds a glamorous touch to any space.

The sleek and slender design of the Rosey Side Table’s C-silhouette allows it to seamlessly fit into various interior styles. Whether placed in a modern living room, a glamorous bedroom, or an upscale lounge area, this table will effortlessly enhance the aesthetic of the room and become a focal point of admiration.

To maintain the impeccable appearance of the Rosey Side Table, regular care and cleaning are recommended. Simply dust the table regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove any surface debris. Avoid using oiled or treated cloths on lacquered finishes to prevent damage. For fingerprints and smudges, gently wipe with a damp (not wet) cloth, followed by rubbing with a dry cloth to restore its lustrous shine.

For persistent spots, use a soft cloth and a solution of water and mild soap, ensuring to wipe dry immediately. To protect the table’s surface from scratches and spills, we recommend using adhesive felt pads under decor items, as well as coasters and placemats for beverages and hot objects.

Indulge in the allure of celebrity chic with the remarkable Rosey Side Table. Embrace its sleek design, luxurious materials, and captivating presence, and transform your space into a haven of elegance and style. Experience the lavishness of the Rosey Side Table today!


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Color: Faux White Marble / Gold
Finish and Surface Treatments: Epoxy Finish
Wood Content: Mahogany Wood / Mdf
Dimensions (W * D * H): 16.5″ X 16.5″ X 23.2″
Weight: 8.6 lbs.


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