Hibiscus Side Table


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Introducing the Hibiscus Side Table, a stunning fusion of contemporary design and timeless allure. Inspired by a harmonious blend of modern and ancient architectural elements, this round side table effortlessly combines substance and style to elevate any living room setting. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its bold marble construction is adorned with a warm antique brass finish, creating a truly sophisticated statement piece.

The Hibiscus Side Table is designed to complement various interior styles, from sleek and minimalist to eclectic and luxurious. Its clean lines and smooth curves exude elegance, while the contrasting combination of marble and brass adds a touch of opulence. This striking juxtaposition captures the essence of modern aesthetics and ancient grandeur, making the table a captivating focal point in any room.

To maintain the pristine appearance of the Hibiscus Side Table, regular care and cleaning are essential. We recommend dusting it regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove surface particles and maintain its natural luster. Avoid using oiled or treated cloths on lacquered finishes, as they may damage the table’s delicate surface.

For general cleaning, a damp (not wet) cloth can be used to gently wipe the table, followed by immediately rubbing it dry with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints and smudges. For stubborn stains, combine a mild soap solution with water and gently clean the affected area with a soft cloth. Remember to wipe dry afterward to prevent any moisture damage.

To safeguard your investment and preserve the table’s beauty, we advise using adhesive felt pads, coasters, and placemats to protect its surface from scratches, heat, and spills. These simple precautions will ensure that your Hibiscus Side Table remains a source of admiration for years to come.

Embrace the timeless allure of the Hibiscus Side Table, where contemporary design and ancient architecture converge. Add a touch of sophistication and style to your living space with this captivating piece that seamlessly harmonizes form and function.

Color: Brass
Contents: Glass, Metal
Metal Type: Antique Brass
Dimensions (W * D * H): 18″ W X 18″ D X 22″ H
Weight: 16.65 lbs.


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