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Introducing the Hairpin Side Table, a mid-century styled accent piece that allows you to explore uncharted waters in your home decor. Designed with small living spaces in mind, this side table features a trio of matte-finished, steel hairpin legs that exude a retro vibe. The round fiberboard top, with its matte paint finish, adds a touch of modern elegance to the overall aesthetic.

The Hairpin Side Table is a versatile addition to any room, seamlessly blending with retro vintage or contemporary modern decors. Use it as a side table in your living room to hold a lamp or your favorite beverage, or place it in the bedroom as an extra stand surface for books or decorative items. It also serves as a stylish accent piece in the entryway, offering a convenient spot to place keys or a decorative vase.

Crafted with both style and functionality in mind, this modern side table can also double as an indoor plant stand. Bring the beauty of nature indoors by showcasing your favorite plants and adding a touch of greenery to your living space. Whether it’s in a home, apartment, dorm, or lounge area, the Hairpin Side Table effortlessly enhances the ambiance and functionality of any space.

To maintain the pristine appearance of this stylish piece, regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth is recommended. Avoid using oiled or treated cloths on lacquered finishes, as they may cause damage. For fingerprints and smudges, gently wipe the surface with a damp (not wet) cloth, followed by a dry cloth to restore its original luster. For stubborn spots, use a soft cloth and a solution of water and mild soap, ensuring thorough drying afterward.

For added protection and to prevent scratches, consider using adhesive felt pads under the hairpin legs. Coasters and placemats are also recommended to safeguard the tabletop from spills or stains, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your Hairpin Side Table.

Embrace the mid-century charm and versatility of the Hairpin Side Table, a perfect accent piece for small living spaces. With its unique design, matte finishes, and multi-functional use, it brings both style and convenience to your home decor. Elevate your space with this modern side table that effortlessly blends retro and contemporary aesthetics.


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Materials: Steel, Fiberboard
Colors: Black, White
Overall Product Dimensions: 18.5″L X 18.5″W X 20″H

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Black, White


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