How are you sleeping?

King Koil has developed a sleep system that adjusts to your unique body size and continuously adapts to the way you move. Smartlife features patented body sensing technology that adjusts to your body while you sleep, giving you support and comfort where you need it.

As one of King Koil’s limited dealers, Wallaroo’s is proud to sell the Smartlife mattress! You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so why not make the time you spend asleep the best it can be? When you put your Smartlife mattress on one of Wallaroo’s many affordable adjustable bases… dreams really do come true!


Decorating a good home starts with knowing where to buy good home stuff. The most basic furniture shopping begins at Ikea, but then… who can say? There’s no universal blueprint for picking out furniture, because it involves not only function but a world of different styles. Really, once you start shopping around, you’ll find it might be hard to pinpoint where the furniture ends and art begins.
That’s why we start by talking more generally. There are furniture styles that are clean-cut and modern, others that are worn-in and rustic. There are woods and metals and different combinations of many materials at once. You’ll find these style categories in thriftier places and second-hand shops, but if you can, we suggest taking a big stride into the realm of luxe furniture for every room. We’re talking pristinely made bedding, high-end couches, and coffee tables that are as symbolic as a savings account. We’re talking curated class, and the price tags that go along with it.

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