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The Cracken Euro-Inspired Sectional

It’s a sectional! No, it’s a recliner! No… It’s both! The Cracken is unlike any other sectional, with an adjustable backrest you can choose the perfect position for your comfort level. 


The Cracken is our Euro-inspired lounge sectional. A European sofa varies from an American sofa in that it’s designed for multiple uses. Sure, you can take a nap on any old couch, but a European style sofa is designed for guests to have a good night’s rest. When the Cracken Sectional is paired with the Cracken Ottoman it’s the size of a full sized bed! 


Slide the backrest into the lounge position for ultra-comfy movie nights, afternoon naps, and extra room, or keep the backrest in seated position if that’s more your style! That’s the beauty of the Cracken, each seat has its own backrest that moves individually. 


This sectional comes in three colors: Dark Gray, Slate, and Brown. The Slate and Brown options are made with a knit polyester upholstery, and the Dark Gray option is made with a performance velvet upholstery. The cushions are made with high-density foam, so they’ll keep their shape even after years of love. With a hardwood base, steel legs and reclining mechanisms, this sectional is as durable as it is beautiful and unique!

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