We love furniture! We specialize in bringing a wide selection of high-end furniture and mattresses to our customers for the lowest price possible.

Our specialty is derived from our unique sourcing techniques, which includes working directly with factories around the world. This allows us to create affordable, Wallaroo’s exclusive furniture that is higher quality and at a better price than our competitors.

Wallaroo’s was founded in 2014 by Nathan Chetrit as a small warehouse specializing in Overstock furniture and mattresses. The focus for Nathan from the very beginning was to provide an exceptional value and customer experience so that customers would tell their friends.

“We only started actually marketing in 2017 after we had three stores open. Word of Mouth has been great for us and remains a huge driver of growth for us” – Nathan

Wallaroo’s has become more and more design and value focused over the years. We have leaned into designing and developing new unique furniture pieces that you won’t see anywhere else. We can make it the coolest and at the best price.

Wallaroo’s is now an 11 store operation serving Utah, Washington, Montana and Idaho. Our stores feature a full line of furniture and mattresses that can serve any type of customer. We offer several financing options as well as in home delivery. Wallaroo’s commitment to customer satisfaction, organic growth and providing the best value will continue to drive Wallaroo’s towards a beloved furniture brand on the West Coast.